Why Should Traders Be Patient?

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Income is just a resource, just like time and knowledge.⁣

If you want to increase your profits, you will definitely have to spend time and apply knowledge. And in order to gain knowledge, you will need income and time. And only then, to get time for what you want, you will apply knowledge and income.⁣

Why Should Traders Be Patient?

The key point is that if there are few resources, the amplitude will “swing” gradually, and not immediately, like a “jackpot.” If the trader has little time, it will take a lot of knowledge and income.⁣

And if they don’t have enough knowledge, the trader has to invest time and income. This income is the unsuccessful trades, mistakes, and experiences that the trader pays for.⁣

Why Should Traders Be Patient

Have patience and endurance, and self-discipline to wait for the right moment. And make 2-3 trades per day, but successful ones.⁣

And if you don’t manage to recognize the moment — it’s okay — it will pass, and another will come. Be patient!⁣

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