Tulsi Vivah 2023: Date, Time, Shubh Muhurat, and Puja Rituals for the Auspicious Occasion

Discover the details of Tulsi Vivah 2023, including the date, time, and rituals associated with this auspicious occasion.

Learn about the significance of Tulsi Vivah and the customs observed by devotees to seek blessings for an ideal life partner and fertility.

Tulsi Vivah 2023: Date, Time, Shubh Muhurat, and Puja Rituals

Celebrated for its auspicious significance, Tulsi Vivah holds a special place in Hindu traditions. Here are the key details for Tulsi Vivah 2023:

Date: Tulsi Vivah will be celebrated on November 24 this year. According to Drik Panchang, this sacred event falls on Dwadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik.

Shubh Muhurat: The Dwadashi Tithi will commence at 9:01 PM on November 23 and conclude at 7:06 PM on November 24. The Shubh Muhurat for Tulsi Vivah is from 6:50 AM to 12:07 PM on November 24.

Rituals: Devotees engage in preparations starting in the morning after a purifying bath. Puja rooms are adorned, and Tulsi plant and Lord Shaligram are placed together. Tulsi, symbolizing the bride, is adorned in a saree or dupatta, while Shaligram, representing the groom, is also beautifully decorated. The priest officiates all wedding rituals with Tulsi and Shaligram. Fasting is observed until evening, and devotees prepare special bhog items for the puja. Once the puja concludes, the bhog is shared among the devotees.

Significance: Tulsi Vivah is performed with the intention of seeking an ideal life partner. Devotees believe that through dedicated puja, the deities can bless childless couples with the gift of a child. Additionally, those without a female child can perform Kanyadaan, symbolizing the offering of a daughter, and regard Goddess Tulsi as their own.

As Tulsi Vivah approaches, devotees eagerly anticipate the divine union of Tulsi and Shaligram, embodying the sacred bond of marriage. The occasion is not only a celebration of tradition but also a time for spiritual devotion and seeking blessings for various aspects of life.

Note: Devotees are encouraged to observe the rituals with sincerity and devotion, respecting the traditional customs associated with Tulsi Vivah.