My Khutaghat Experience When I visited Khutaghat Bilaspur

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In this blog, I want to share my experience of Khutaghat, about 6 months ago today, I and my elder brother went to Khutaghat as we went by bike, so I got a chance to know the surrounding environment from Bilaspur. Khutaghat is situated at a distance of kilometers where there is a time to spend time with people near you.

bilaspur to khutaghat distance
bilaspur to khutaghat distance

My Khutaghat Experience

When we went to Khutaghat, first of all I took ice cream there and while eating ice cream I was walking along the road, there was a very nice lake there, after crossing the road, we moved towards the mountain and we were very much moving towards the mountain.

There was a boat inside the lake showing a beautiful view, in which perhaps fishing was going on when we went ahead, we went up the mountain and in the mountain, it was so special that it was not worth seeing so I sat down below my brother and my brother I went to go ahead with friends, after that when I came from there.

My Khutaghat Experience
My Khutaghat Experience

I was enjoying the lake on the way forward, after which I drank tea from one of the vendors who were roaming there. And by doing this, when I went it was evening, then when it got dark, we arrived early, then I do not have much to share but if you go there with your special people then you will definitely enjoy it.

Well, when I went to Khutaghat it was a quiet evening, so I could not enjoy much, so I am not able to share with you but I can say with the full expectation that if you are there your family will be friends or some of your near If you go together then you will definitely be able to enjoy there

Introduction of Khutaghat Dam:

The credit of ‘rice bowl’ or ‘bowl of rice’ for the entire area of ​​Chhattisgarh is given to the Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh state. Among the unique features of this district, it is very famous due to its refined quality of rice, whip industry, and cultural background course. Around the age of 400, the city of Bilaspur encompasses its fascinating tourist spots and a repository of monuments and holy places across the country, attracting travelers. Of these, Khutaghat Dam in the Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, India is widely acclaimed for its beauty and offering excellent recreational opportunities to visitors.

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Details of Khutaghat Dam:

Bilaspur Khutaghat Dam is famous for every tourist. It is located at a distance of 5 km from the city famous for the Ratanpur ruins. The Khutaghat Dam has built a dam on the calm bank of the Kharun River and helps in the irrigation process of the entire area.

If you visit Khutaghat Dam, you will be enchanted by its impeccable beauty. And the surrounding forests and hills are an added attraction boost for this dam. And it is a beautiful picnic spot where thousands of tourists come every year to see this beautiful scene. A story called Khuntaghat when the forest of drowning was not cut down.

Then there was no cost of forest or wood. Later in the water, its stub or what was called a peg, remained in the water. They used to crash into a fishing boat. Later on it was called Khuntaghat. The last tree among them was that of tendu.

The leopard among them was beautiful black. When the dam dried, people would cut it, so the ax was strong enough to blow. It had a beautiful strong stick. The rich people of the surrounding villages are still kept in this black stick with a silver or brass ring. How to reach Bilaspur You can easily reach Khutaghat via the Bilaspur-Ambikapur highway.

Why is the name of this dam Khuntaghat?

At the time of construction of this dam, the forest in its submergence area was not cut. Due to which the large stumps of wood remained here after the sinking of this area. The big stub is called “Khunta” is Chhattisgarhi. Due to this, later this place came to be known as Khuntaghat.

Assignment or Project:

The ahiran-Khuntaghat project was constructed for water supply at Khuntaghat Dam.

Some other information about the Khuntaghat Dam
  • The Khuntaghat reservoir is located on the Bilaspur-Ambikapur highway in the Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh state. This dam has been constructed on the river Kharang, 12 km from Ratanpur in Bilaspur district.
  • This dam was constructed in 1920-30. With the help of this dam, it helps in the irrigation process of the entire area. Apart from this, drinking water is also supplied in Bilaspur city.