Lotus Farm | Farmhouse for Sale in Bilaspur

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Lotus Farm Bilaspur | Best Farmhouse in Bilaspur : Enjoy Your Winter Summer Holidays Here, Get The Double Maza of Investment cum Enjoyment.

Lotus Farm Bilaspur | Best Farmhouse in Bilaspur

Lotus Farm House Farmhouse for Sale in Bilaspur

  1. 40, 25 Wide WBM Road
  2. Water Supply for Each Plot
  3. Individual Transformer
  4. Trees Approx. 5 Species
  5. Common Swimming Pool
  6. Common Play Area
  7. Rain Dance Floor
  8. Security Guard Room
  9. Secured Campus With Chain Link
  10. Machan 20×20 Size

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What makes a house a Lotus Farm?

In simple words, homes built on agricultural land are called Lotus Farm.

How do you maintain a Lotus Farm?

It is easy to maintain a Lotus Farm if you can keep security guards for round-the-clock safety and construct a wall fence.

Can a Lotus Farm have a swimming pool?

Yes, a Lotus Farm have a swimming pool, provided it is allowed by the local authorities in the region’s construction rules and approval for the same has been obtained.

In the past few decades, there has been a trend among urban investors, to own a piece of land in the rural areas and convert them into vacation homes with lots of greenery and landscaping around. As the vertical expansion of buildings in metropolitan cities, leaves little space for greenery and open spaces, the demand for such housing options has increased and people have actively started to invest in land in remote areas. A farmhouse is one of such housing type, which allows the investor to own a land and a vacation home amid greenery.

What does a Lotus Farm farmhouse mean?

A farmhouse is a kind of property in an agricultural setting, which is used for residential purpose. Usually surrounded by a farm or a garden, such properties are also used as vacation homes with rural flavour. Generally, farmhouses are spread on a huge chunk of land with front porches. Depending upon the available land, farmhouses can be one or two storeys and are often used as second homes or weekend getaways.

What makes a property a Lotus Farm farmhouse?

Farmhouses are often just dwellings constructed on agricultural areas to shelter and protect those who owned or farmed the land. The word “farmhouse” refers to a location for a way of life rather than necessarily a specific design style denoted by a fixed set of characteristics. This is perhaps why its allure seems to be enduring. A farmhouse is basic yet lovely. It symbolises a tranquil way of life in the countryside while also acting as the hub of activity, which links it to production. The farmhouse may be thought of as a haven, a secure setting based on simplicity, honesty, and values. It also provides a means for the farm’s people to be fairly self-sufficient, depending on the sort of farm.

This kind of house may take many different shapes. Owing to their simple designs, farmhouses are simple to extend by adding porches, outbuildings, and wings. Depending on what you want from a home, these homes may also be dressed up or down. Every home has the impression of the people who had resided there, creating a truly vernacular design that caters to regional requirements and tastes.

Types of Lotus Farm farmhouse
1.Industrial farmhouse

You might want to attempt the industrial farmhouse design style if your husband wants to have a role in how your house is decorated. As a result of drawing its inspiration from the large machinery utilised on farms, this particular farmhouse style is believed to be more masculine. Industrial farmhouses are characterised by elements like exposed beams, cold metals, natural wood, and industrial lighting and hardware. Some key characteristics of an industrial farmhouse,

  • a warm colour scheme
  • off-white with black accents
  • sconces with Edison bulbs
  • rustic wood that is thick and hefty
  • furnishings with rusted-out iron frames

2.Scandinavian Lotus Farm

When it comes to furnishing a Scandinavian farmhouse, simplicity is key. Building a simple, modest, and light dwelling is the core concept of this farmhouse design aesthetic. You’ll get halfway there if you decorate with a purpose and adhere to the maxim “less is more.” Modernism and simplicity are brought by the Scandinavian component of this design, while a cosier, more cosy atmosphere is provided by the farmhouse component. Key characteristics of Scandinavian farmhouse,

  • natural resources
  • furniture with delicate curves and clean lines
  • doors, window trimmings, cabinets, built-ins, and counters with simple woodwork
  • light-colored wood floors
  • muted colours with accents of black or grey

3.Rustic Lotus Farm

This farmhouse interior design concept is perfect for you if you enjoy shopping at flea markets and recycling furniture. All of the handmade details and roughness seen in rustic farmhouses are unique from other iterations of this type. White walls are one distinguishing characteristic that rustic farmhouses do share with other variations. This farmhouse design style seems especially cosy and down to earth thanks to its white colour palette and old furnishings. Some other characteristics of Rustic farmhouse,

  • uncolored palette
  • open shelves with tin and galvanised metal decorations from the past
  • damaged warm-to-grey woods (shutters, seating, wall decor)
  • backsplashes with subway tiles
  • industrial elements and decor made of blackened steel

What is the use of a farmhouse?

A farmhouse is a real estate investment with huge appreciation potential. Moreover, with land being a valuable asset, the owner has the luxury of disposing of a part of this land when in need of liquidity. Such investments also give owners the flexibility of managing their investment and selling it when they can get better returns on the investment. Apart from this, in the northern parts of India, farmhouses are not just being used as second homes but some owners today, are also using it for commercial purposes for wedding parties, corporate events, etc.

Top places to build Lotus Farm in India

There is no better location than Karnataka to construct a hideaway farmhouse. We are able to make such a claim since we personally visited the area and planned to build farmhouses in several Karnataka regions. The red soil, which guarantees the crop is fruitful, comes with a lovely landscape. With our active projects in places like Thalli, Sakleshpur, and Chikkaballapur, you may reserve your property right immediately to create a getaway farmhouse and a passive income.

One benefit of investing in farmland or farmhouses in India is that the earnings and dividends from the sale of the land are tax-exempt. But there are regional differences in agricultural land laws. Anyone can acquire agricultural land in certain states, like Telangana, whether or not they are farmers, while in others, like Karnataka, only registered farmers or those from farming families are allowed to do so.

Chennai has its farmhouses in India’s hotspots in coastal Pondicherry (Puducherry), a unique microcosm that was once a French colony and has preserved the majority of that time, and Yercaud near Salem, a fantastic hill station nestled in the Shevaroys range of hills and perched at 1515 metres above sea level.

A number of second home possibilities are available in Pondicherry, a popular vacation spot for Chennai residents, thanks to local and international developers. Farmhouses are the most common form of second home, and they may cost anywhere from Rs. 50 lakh and Rs. 2.5 crore. Residential plots may be purchased for anywhere between Rs. 30 lakh and Rs. 1.5 crore.

Recently, the serene beauty of Yercaud has attracted Chennai residents looking for a better second home. Due to its relatively recent entry into this market, it still lacks reliable developers working on projects; local businesses are currently catering to the competition, but it won’t be long until things change.