Discover the Beauty of Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur

Last Updated on: 2nd March 2023, 02:08 am

Discover the Beauty of Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur: A Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur is a beautiful destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Read on to learn about the history, attractions, and activities you can enjoy at this picturesque location.

Are you looking for a peaceful and scenic getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city? Look no further than Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. This majestic dam is situated amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Discover the Beauty of Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur
Discover the Beauty of Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur

History of Khutaghat Dam Bilaspur:

The construction of the Khutaghat Dam was completed in the year 1961, with the purpose of generating hydroelectric power and providing irrigation facilities to the nearby villages. The dam is built across the River Ravi, which is a tributary of the River Mahanadi. The dam has a height of 80 feet and a length of 2,350 feet.

Attractions at Khutaghat Dam Bilaspur:

Apart from its functional purposes, the dam has also emerged as a popular tourist spot due to its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. The surrounding area is dotted with dense forests, picturesque valleys, and scenic waterfalls. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk or a picnic by the side of the dam, surrounded by stunning views of the landscape.

Activities to enjoy at Khutaghat Dam Bilaspur:

For adventure enthusiasts, Khutaghat Dam offers a range of activities, such as boating, fishing, and trekking. The cool waters of the dam are perfect for a refreshing swim or a thrilling boat ride. The nearby hills and forests offer a range of trekking trails, where you can explore the natural beauty of the region.

Best time to visit Khutaghat Dam Bilaspur:

The best time to visit Khutaghat Dam is during the monsoon season (June to September) when the dam is full and the surrounding area is lush green. The winter months (November to February) are also a good time to visit, as the weather is pleasant and comfortable.

How to reach Khutaghat Dam:

Khutaghat Dam is located at a distance of 35 km from Bilaspur, and can be easily accessed by road. Bilaspur is well-connected to major cities in Chhattisgarh and neighboring states, making it easily accessible by bus or taxi.

In conclusion, Khutaghat Dam in Bilaspur is a beautiful destination that offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty and recreational activities. Whether you are looking for a peaceful escape or an adventure-filled weekend, Khutaghat Dam is a destination you cannot miss!

If you visit Khutaghat Dam, you will be enchanted by its impeccable beauty. And the surrounding forests and hills are an added attraction boost for this dam. And it is a beautiful picnic spot where thousands of tourists come every year to see this beautiful scene. A story called Khuntaghat when the dam was not cut down the forest of drowning. 

Natural beauty of the place is bewitching here. Rest house managed by the Irrigation Department is close to the dam which can be availed by the tourist. The rest house overlooks the blue water of the reservoir which is a treat to the eyes.

Then there was no cost of forest or wood. Later in the water, its stub or what was called a peg, remained in the water. They used to hit the fishing boat. Later on it was called Khuntaghat. The last tree among them was that of tendu. When the dam dried, people would cut it, so strong that the ax would blow. It had a beautiful strong stick. The rich people of the surrounding villages are still kept in this black stick with a silver or brass ring.