How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10

Last Updated on: 31st July 2023, 07:37 pm

How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10 Please keep in mind that third-party customization methods may not be officially supported.

Additionally, these methods may not be available or safe after subsequent updates to Windows 11. So, proceed at your own risk and consider backing up your data before making any changes.

How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10

Here are some steps you could try to make Windows 11 look more like Windows 10:

  1. Taskbar: The most noticeable change in Windows 11 is the centered taskbar. To make it look like Windows 10, you’ll want to move it back to the bottom and uncenter it.
    • Right-click on an empty space on the taskbar.
    • Hover over “Taskbar alignment” and choose either “Left” or “Right.”
    • Right-click again, hover over “Taskbar settings,” and toggle off “Center taskbar.”
  2. Start Menu: Windows 11 has a new Start Menu design, but you can change it to a more familiar look.
    • Right-click on the taskbar and select “Taskbar settings.”
    • Look for the “Start” section and choose “Classic” or “Collapsed.”
  3. Widgets: Windows 11 introduced a Widgets panel. To remove it:
    • Click on the Widgets icon on the taskbar to open it.
    • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Widgets panel and choose “Hide.”
  4. File Explorer: Windows 11 has a slightly updated File Explorer. To make it look more like Windows 10, you can install a third-party File Explorer skin or theme. Be cautious and only download themes from reputable sources.
  5. Icon Pack: If you prefer the Windows 10 icons, you can try installing a Windows 10 icon pack that is compatible with Windows 11.
  6. Theme: You might find or create themes for Windows 11 that resemble Windows 10. Check popular customization communities and forums for Windows themes.

Remember, these customization methods may not be perfect, and some elements might still look like Windows 11. Also, due to updates and changes in Windows 11, not all aspects may be customizable. Always be cautious when using third-party software or customizations as they can potentially introduce security risks or instability to your system.

How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10

As a general reminder, it’s essential to keep your operating system up-to-date, as future updates may introduce new features or improvements. If you genuinely prefer the Windows 10 experience, you might consider sticking with Windows 10 until Windows 11 becomes more customizable or until you become accustomed to the new design.