Hardika Pandya Wife Recalls First Encounter with Husband

Former Bigg Boss contestant and dancer Natasa Stankovic recently opened up about her initial meeting with Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya, shedding light on the unique and unexpected nature of their first interaction. Married since May 31, 2020, the couple recently renewed their wedding vows through Hindu and Christian rituals, a joyous occasion that prompted Natasa to reflect on their journey.

Hardika Pandya Wife

Hardika Pandya Wife Recalls First Encounter with Husband

In a recently released wedding trailer, Natasa shared insights into their first meeting, recounting the unusual and charming circumstances that marked the beginning of their connection. She described how, unlike the typical formalities of a first meeting, Hardik greeted her with a warm hug, leaving her pleasantly surprised.

Natasa narrated, “You know when you’re meeting someone for the first time, I was going for the hand, and he came for a hug. Don’t know the name, nothing, he was just very friendly, that’s how we met for the first time.”

Hardik, in the same trailer, confessed that he was captivated by Natasa’s beauty upon their first encounter. “Once I sat on the table, I was only trying to talk to Natasa. She was obviously very good looking, pehle udhar hi bhai fisal gaya tha (that is where I fell in love with her),” he shared.

The couple’s wedding trailer, created by The Wedding Story, captured not only the essence of their love story but also showcased snippets of their grand wedding in Udaipur earlier this year. The celebrations included both Christian and Hindu ceremonies, marking a joyous and memorable union.

Reflecting on her relationship with Hardik, Natasa spoke fondly of his honesty, stating, “From day one, he was very honest. With him, there is no grey, it is either black or white.” The video teaser showcased moments of the couple playing cricket and dancing together, providing a glimpse into the vibrant festivities that surrounded their wedding.

Natasa and Hardik’s love story has been nothing short of a fairytale, with their initial meeting characterized by an unexpected hug that laid the foundation for a beautiful journey together. The couple, who welcomed their son Agastya in July 2020, continues to be a picture of love and happiness, as evident in the heartwarming moments shared in their wedding trailer.