Logo Maker 2021 – Free Logo Online Designer Tools

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Logo Maker 2021 – Free Logo Online Designer Tools: Whether you want to create a logo for your traditional business, your website, or even your YouTube channel, you should know that finding the perfect logo designer tool is not an easy task.

The logo is the most important thing about your business; it is known as the basic pillar of branding. Without a formal and attractive logo, there is no chance that you can win the interest of your target market. 

Logo Maker 2021 – Free Logo Online Designer Tools

One should know that a good logo is catchy, memorable, and simple in its design. There are many premium logo maker tools that you can try out in 2021.

Still, in this post, we will only list out the simple yet effective & reliable options. The biggest reason why you should use an online logo maker tool is that they are free to use. Manual designing of the logo can cost you somewhere around a thousand dollars, which is not affordable. 

The logo maker tools that we have discussed in this post are on the top ranks because of the following features that they have:

  1. They have plenty of graphic designing options
  2. They offer plenty of filters and editing elements
  3. You can customize and personalize an old logo design with their help
  4. You can get vast colour suggestions, options, and pallets
  5. You can set the shape, size, resolutions, and other aspects freely

Top Logo Maker Tools that everyone in 2021 can use

Here are some of the top recommended logo designer tools that are powered with the best features and design options:

Tailor Brands

The online logo designer tool by tailor brands is a great choice for beginners and professional designers. This logo maker tool is tailored in such a way that it makes the most engaging, memorable, and simple logos for your brand. The reason that this logo tool is famous is mainly because of its speed.

Moreover, the working process of this logo creator is different from others in this league.

The tool asks you multiple questions about your brand. Based on your answers, it will provide you with designated templates that would suit the niche you are working on. Some neat features of this logo maker tool are:

  • Quick logo creation
  • Automatic generation of templates based on your preferences
  • Free customization options
  • Resizing options
  • Logo templates for all sorts of businesses
Logo Maker 2021 – Free Logo Online Designer Tools


The logomaker.net is also among the most brilliant tools that you can find online. The use of this logo maker is quite simple, and even a new user can learn how to use it without any effort. The working process is quite straightforward. You have to open the tool on your browser and go through its interface.

In this free Logo Maker, you are going to find different categories of business types, where you have to select the category in which your business falls and go through the templates available in this list.


You can find hundreds of templates in each category. You have to pick your choice of litter and modify it in the dashboard of the logo design tool. You can use this tool online on your desktop, and you can also get its application version from the play store. 

Wix Logo Maker

The logo maker by Wix is another intelligent utility that can help you create the best logos without any hassle. This logo maker fulfils all your demands like a pro. There are many creative options that you can find on the interface of this logo maker, which makes it a fantastic choice.

The creation process is quite straightforward as you have to tell your preferences to the tool. Some features of this logo maker are mentioned as under:

  • It can be used for both commercial and personal uses.
  • You can find powerful editing options.
  • Free Logo Creation options.
  • You can make a logo design from scratch
  • You would get a complete guide in designing a logo.
  • The tool also offers different bundle options for users who want to connect with the paid plans.

Canva Logo Maker

The logo maker by Canva also offers you tons of tools and options to create attractive and enticing logo designs. This logo maker hardly takes a few minutes to create a logo design. You are going to find two different designing options in Canva. You can either modify the site’s templates or use multiple design elements to create a logo from scratch.

If you want a professional and simple logo maker tool that can get you free designs, you should blindly trust Canva. It has special features which can help you create compelling logos for social media. Some features of this tool are:

  • Plenty of unique template designs 
  • Quick designing options
  • No prior experience and skills needed
  • Manual customization option
  • Universal compatibility on all sorts of devices because of being an online-based tool.

You can try these logo maker tools in 2021 to create the perfect logos for your brand!

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