Chher Chhera Tihar Poster for Social Media

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Chher Chhera Tihar Poster for Social Media: Chher Chhera Tihar Poster for Social Media, heart-felt congratulations on Chherchhera Tihar 2022, 2023

जम्मो छत्तीसगढ़िया भाई-बहिनी मन ला #छेरछेरा तिहार के गाड़ा-गाड़ा बधाई.

Chher Chhera History

The manuscripts of Babu Revaram reveal that there was a dispute between the Kosala king “Kalyanasay” of the Kalachuri dynasty and the king of Mandal, and after that the then Mughal ruler Akbar invited him to Delhi. Kalyansay lived in Delhi for 8 years, where he took education in politics and wartime and achieved proficiency.

After 8 years, Kalyansay returned to his capital Ratanpur with the title and full authority of the king. When the subjects got the news of the return of the king, the subjects reached the capital Ratanpur with full celebration in the welcome of the king. Seeing this love of the subjects, the rain of gems and gold coins was made by Queen Phulkena and the queen invited the subjects to come every year on that date.

Since then, the Chherchera festival was started to commemorate that arrival of the king. When the king came home, it was such a time when the farmer’s crop also came to the house from the barns, and in this way our fields and barns were also added to the celebration.

According to folk tradition, the festival of Chherchera is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Paush month. The youths of the village go from house to house to dance with sticks and ask for donations of food. Due to paddy being mined, there is a door to door stock of paddy in the village, due to which people donate to those who ask for chhera.

‘Cheer it! Mai kothi ke paddy la her herra!’ This voice reverberated in the rural areas of the state today and paddy and cash amount were distributed in the form of donations. The king of the kingdom comes home or the crops of the fields, in a way, when happiness knocks at your door, this is the Chherchera festival.

Best wishes to all on Chher Chhera festival of happiness.