Bilasa Chhollywood Award at CIMS Auditorium Bilaspur, Dreammason was the title sponsor

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To honor the artists of Chhattisgarh, the team of BCA i.e. Bilasa Chhollywood Award

On Saturday, 7th May, the program of Bilasa Chhollywood Award was organized in the auditorium of CIMS Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Science.

It was hosted by Dreammason Infrabuild Solutions Pvt Ltd. It is worth noting that veteran lyricist of Chhattisgarh Dilip Shadangi, Actor Man Qureshi, Singer Anupama Mishra and many other well-known artists were present here.

Since I was also present at the event, I would like to share some pictures

Pictures of Bilasa Chhollywood Award

Bilasa Chhollywood Award
Actor Man Qureshi at Bilasa Chhollywood Award
Bilasa Chhollywood Award

For the first time, Chhattisgarh’s biggest ‘Bilasa Chollywood Award’ has been organized in Bilaspur to encourage people associated with Chhattisgarhi film and art world. Self. Vijay Pandey producer director film (Ghar Dwar) will be in memory of 1972. In this, the award was given by selecting under about 40 categories.

Bilasa Chhollywood Award

Culture and folk art in Chhattisgarh has its own identity. Due to which it is also called the citadel of art. Gradually, people are getting attracted towards cinema in the state, in such a situation, by organizing the Bilasa Chollywood Award, the artists and the general public will be filled with enthusiasm for films.

The tradition of Chhattisgarhi cinema, which started from 1965, continues till date. For which there was a great trend of the audience from villages to cities. Also, now the Chhattisgarhi films here are technologically developed and standing at their level equivalent to Bollywood. Therefore, the pace of films will go ahead with such an event.